Ubiquitous Robot Control Through Multimodal Motion Capture Using Smartwatch and Smartphone Data

Fabian C Weigend, Neelesh Kumar, Oya Aran and Heni Ben Amor

Presented as an interactive poster with motion capture game at the ICRA24 Workshop – Advancing wearable devices and applications through novel design, sensing, actuation, and AI.

Abstract: We present an open-source library for seamless robot control through motion capture using smartphones and smartwatches. Our library features three modes: Watch Only Mode, enabling control with a single smartwatch; Upper Arm Mode, offering heightened accuracy by incorporating the smartphone attached to the upper arm; and Pocket Mode, determining body orientation via the smartphone placed in any pocket. These modes are applied in two real-robot tasks, showcasing placement accuracy within 2 cm compared to a gold-standard motion capture system. WearMoCap stands as a suitable alternative to conventional motion capture systems, particularly in environments where ubiquity is essential. The library is available at: www.github.com/wearable-motion-capture.